“As polished as it was passionate, matching fiery intensity with exquisite finesse, this was a magnificent set.”

The Scotsman ★★★★★

“Breabach are in an electrifying new phase – one that illustrates the band’s strength and interest in experimentation. Exhilarating, energetic and accomplished…”

Songlines ★★★★



The soundtrack album to the animated film Dùsgadh, a collaboration between Breabach and Scottish BAFTA Award-Winning animator Cat Bruce. 


"Breabach at their best - respectful of traditional roots while stamping their own authority on it, and true to the story enshrined in the animation. A superb collaboration." The Living Tradition

Contemporary Folk Music From Scotland

Securely ranked among Scotland’s most skilled and imaginative contemporary folk acts, Breabach unite deep roots in Highland and Island tradition with the innovative musical ferment of their Glasgow base.